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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Conversations with Crumpets

Elli:  Mommy I'm getting married today.
Michael:  Me too!
Me:  Who are you getting married to?
Michael:  Adrienne!
Elli:  Ethan!
some friends of ours that we spend a lot of time with 

Michael normally sits on the floor during sharing time at church and doesn't sing, we told him he had to sing loud this week
Michael:  Daddy I sing loud today.  Really loud.  I was good!

We were in line at Costco
Elli screaming:  I have to go potty right now!

Me:  How did you sleep?
Michael:  Very good.  I was a bad boy and you sent me to my room.
Me:  Yup.  Will you be better now?
Michael:  Yeah.
Elli:  Michael be nice!
Me:  He is being nice.
Elli:  Michael hit me!
Me:  No he didn't, he's far away from you.
Elli:  Michael spit on me!
Me:  No one spit on you.
Elli:  Stop it Michael, you go to timeout!

Ethan had a blowout diaper
Michael:  Mommy, Ethan's a baby so he can poop in his diaper.  I'm a big boy so I go poop in the potty.
Elli:  I a big girl!
Michael:  No you poop in your underwear.
Elli:  Stop it Michael!
Michael:  Mommy!  Elli told me to stop it when I called her a baby.
Me:  Elli you can be a big girl when you poop in the potty.  You're working on it aren't you?
Elli:  Yes mommy I be a big girl.
Michael:  Elli still a baby.
Me:  Michael be nice.
Elli:  Yeah Michael be nice to me!

Me:  Come on we need to go to the store.
Michael:  Wait I need to get my monies!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Siblings are the best!

Siblings result in fun photos like this.  Especially if you have an older sister.  Siblings are fun.  Annoying at times, but mostly fun.

The past month my kids have really clicked.  Elli and Michael are constantly kissing Ethan.  Michael tries to hold Ethan, which results in them both falling over.  Michael and Elli still fight over toys, but now they happily play by themselves without any supervision.  They randomly tackle each other and love it.  I caught Elli sitting on Michael's head and he thought it was the funniest thing ever.  Michael takes the lids off of markers for Elli, and Elli shares her Arthur books with Michael.

It's been refreshing!  Of course these cute moments are followed by Michael saying Elli hit him ten times.  Or Elli saying Michael spit on her.  At least we are moving in the right direction!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Conversations with Crumpets

Michael:  I want Macaroni and Cheese!
Elli:  No!  Mac and Cheese!
Michael:  It's Macaroni!
this went on for quite a while

Elli:  Ethan is spitting!
Michael:  Ethan's a baby so he can spit.

Elli:  Mommy there's dog poop on my shoe - hey I found my piggy tail!
All said in one breath.  No, there was not dog poop on her shoe.

Elli's nickname since birth has been peanut.  We saw some packaging peanuts on the ground as we went to play group
Elli:  Mommy what's that?
Me:  A packaging peanut.
Elli:  What?
Michael:  A peanut?
Elli:  What?
Me:  A packaging peanut.
Elli:  What?
Michael:  A packaging peanut!
Elli:  WHAT?
Me:  Not you Elli, it's called a peanut.
Elli:  What?
Josh thinks I should change her nickname.

Michael:  What are you making?
Me:  Corn.
Michael:  You make us popcorn popping!  I want to watch dragons!
Me:  Not popcorn, corn for dinner.
Michael:  Okay now you make us popcorn popping!  I want to watch dragons!

Elli saw a picture of spongebob squarepants somewhere.
Elli:  Macaroni!
Me:  No, it's spongebob squarepants.
Michael:  Yeah spongebob snowpants, not macaroni.

Josh:  I'll just sleep in your bed tonight.
Michael:  No you have to sleep in your bed.
Josh:  Can't I cuddle with you?
Michael:  No, I don't want to cuddle.  I want to be alone right now.

Me:  Elli how old are you.
Elli:  5.
Me:  No you're 2.
Elli:  No, 5 me!
I give her a high five

Michael was talking into a fake phone
Michael:  Hello!  Umm I was wondering if you want to come have ice cream with us.  Yeah.  I'll talk to you later, bye!
Me:  Who were you talking to?
Michael:  Mikey!
Me:  You are Mikey.
Michael:  No I'm Michael.
Me:  Your cousins call you Mikey.
Michael:  No, I want them to call me Michael!  That's why I called Mikey for ice cream.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Conversations with Crumpets

I need to write these down more before I forget them!

Michael:  Mommy can I paint?
Me:  No, you've already colored today.
Elli:  Michael, paint!
Michael:  Shhh!  Wait until mommy goes upstairs

Michael:  You went upstairs and I told you to go downstairs.  You had a shower and I cried.

Michael:  I want cheerios!
Me:  Please wait a minute.
Michael:  We got more cheerios at Costco so can I have some please?

Elli:  Mommy, I'm getting married today!
Me:  Really?  To who?
Elli:  Umm Ethan!

I was taking a nap on the floor of Ethan's room
Michael:  Mommy I went and got Elli out of her room.  You can sleep now.
Elli:  Mommy!
Michael:  Shh! Elli, mommy is sleeping.

Michael:  Can I watch my show please?
Me:  No, you should be sleeping so I'm watching my show.
Michael:  I'm sorry I'm not sleeping mommy.
Me:  It's okay.
Michael:  I'll just read my science book.  Can you find the crocodile page for me please?

Elli:  Go to timeout!
Michael:  You don't talk to me like that!
Elli:  No!  Go to timeout right now!
Michael:  Mommy!  Elli's not the parent!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Conversations with Crumpets

Michael ran to me with his underwear
Michael:  Mommy you do it.
Me:  You try to do it.
Michael:  No I don't try very well!

Elli coughed a little, Michael brought her water
Michael:  Drink this honey, you'll feel better.  No, that's too much.  Just a little.  Feel better?

Me:  What song do you want me to sing?
Michael:  The pony song!
Me:  I don't know a pony song.
Michael: (singing)  A pony song makes me happy!

Me:  Are you scared of Santa?
Michael:  Yeah, he's scary.
Me:  Did you run away from Santa?
Michael:  Yeah.
Me:  Will you run away from him when you're older?
Michael:  No.  Mommy when I'm older I go in the temple and I not run away from Santa.

Josh:  When we get home you're all taking naps.
Michael:  I have to close my eyes to take a nap.
Josh:  Yes you do.
Michael:  I close my eyes so many times.

shouted in the middle of Walmart
Michael:  There too many people.  They need to go home!  I don't like too many people.

Me:  What do you want for lunch?
Elli:  Fries!
Michael:  Fries, chicken and ketchup!

Me:  Can mommy come to your birthday party?
Elli:  Yes!
Josh:  Can daddy come?
Elli:  Yes!
Michael:  And Michael come?
Elli:  NO!

Me:  Did you have good dreams?
Michael:  Yes!
Me:  What did you dream about?
Michael:  Jesus.
Me:  What did Jesus do?
Michael:  Jesus talked to me.
Me:  About what?
Michael:  Heavenly Father and Temples!

I moved Michael to the top bunk
Michael:  My bed is wonderful!

Michael:  Is it raining?
Me:  Yes.
Michael:  But I don't have rain pants!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Conversations with Crumpets

Josh was playing with Ethan
Michael:  Daddy, that's my Ethan!

I painted Michael's room blue
Michael:  Mommy paint my room black again!

Michael:  Mommy I want my brown walls back!

Me:  Should we sing a song?
Michael:  I want popcorn popping.
Me:  I looked out the window and what did I see?
Michael:  No, mommy.  I want popcorn popping, I don't want to sing popcorn popping.

Me:  Are you still mad at me?
Michael:  No.
Me:  Okay.  Do you still like me?
Michael:  No.
Me:  Okay then.
Michael:  But I love you.

Elli has named her boots Princess boots or Elsa boots.
Me:  What boots are you wearing today?
Elli:  Uh Elsa!
Me:  Okay the silver ones.
Elli:  No!  Princess!
Me:  Okay the pink ones.
Elli:  Yes, pink.
Me:  Okay come here.
Elli:  No, Elsa!  Elsa boots!

Michael wrapped a blanket around himself
Michael:  Mommy I'm pretty.  I'm a pretty princess.  Look at my pretty dress.
(I think someone gets a little jealous when I ask Elli if she wants to wear a pretty dress)

Me:  How old are you?
Elli: ...Elli!
Me:  That's your name.  How old are you?
Elli:  ...L. E.
Me:  What's you name?
Elli:  One!

Michael went poop in the potty without any coaxing
Michael:  I want cheesecake!
Me:  Okay, we can do that.
Michael:  I want a car!
Me:  Okay, you get to pick one for going poop.
Michael:  I want marshmallows and chocolate!  And a butter cookie!  And Ice cream!  I want everything!

Doing a puzzle and Michael starts freaking out
Michael:  Mommy I'm missing a piece!
Me:  It's in your hand.
Michael: ....oh yeah.

Michael:  Mommy, you have something in your belly?
Me:  What is it?
Michael:  A baby!
...don't get any ideas

Me:  Michael when you get old you can work like daddy.
Elli:  Elli?
Me:  You can work or you can have babies.  How does that sound?
Elli:  Babies!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Michael is 3 now and I'm still floored by how fast time has gone by.  This kid brings a lot of laughs and love to our family.  Of course he brings plenty of craziness, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are a few things about Michael:

  • He is fully potty-trained, even night-trained.  I'm so thankful I really didn't have to night-train him.  
  • His favortie movies: Monster Inc., Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, Brave, Frozen, and the Princess Diaries 2
  • His favorite TV shows:  Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, Super Why, and Chuggington
  • Favorite Foods:  Mac & Cheese (the Dragon kind), Peanut Butter, Spaghetti, Quesadillas, and any kind of fruit
  • He is amazing at puzzles.  I've noticed that he likes to find order out of them, it calms him down and holds his attention.  He has mastered all of out 24 piece puzzles.  He is pretty good at the few 60's he's done.  We have a few 100 piece puzzles that he likes working on, especially his Dragon one and his TMNT puzzles
  • He is interested in reading, but doesn't sit still long enough for me to teach him what sounds the  letters make.  He does like me to read to him a lot.
  • Loves Ethan.  Whenever Ethan is laying on the ground he goes up next to him and cuddles.  He picks out Ethan's clothes and PJ's whenever possible.  He helps me change his diapers.  He sings songs to him and talks to him.  Ethan even "talks back" to him.
  • Loves having Elli as a partner in crime.  They are generally really good together.  Unfortunately they get into trouble together too.  Nothing too bad, but I will say lately I've had to wash marker off the cushions on my chairs multiple times.  
  • Thanks to homeschooling he knows the first three Articles of Faith.  It's cute when he recites them...loudly....in sacrament meeting....because I told him to think about Jesus.
  • He managed to escape the terrible two's with only a handful of tantrums that weren't diffused in less than 2 minutes.  I can only remember two horrible ones, one at his cousins baptism, and the other a few days later at home where he sat in a corner and screamed for a half hour.  
Three will bring us a whole new challenge.  I'm worried about more back-talking, fighting with Elli, and completely getting rid of naps (he still takes about 3 a week).  I'm grateful potty-training, deciphering every word, and explaining the difference between girls and boys is over with!  

Happy Birthday little man!

That time he got stuck in the chair and couldn't get out.  It only took 5 minutes to get him out of it.

First big boy bed

The shoe fettish phase

Oh buddy, how you've grown.